“Lost At Sea” By Brian Lee O’Malley Review

While O’Malley is best known for his work on the best selling graphic novel series “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” “Lost At Sea,” was his debut graphic novel.
This short but in depth story follows 18 year old Raleigh on her journey to find herself. More specifically, to find her soul, which she believes has been taken by a cat. So, she embarks on a cross country road trip with three of her classmates.lost_at_sea

Since the premise of the story revolves around Raleigh searching for the cat that stole her soul, it is an accurate assumption that the book is certainly odd. But don’t let the obscure plot discourage you from reading because it is also insightful, funny, and relatable.

Speaking from personal experience, O’Malley does a very good job of appealing to his target audience, which are young adults transitioning into the next stage of their lives. I read this book just before I graduated high school and the way O’Malley explains how it feels to be entering into that unfamiliar chapter of your life really struck a nerve in me. Raleigh is a very real character in the sense that she doesn’t hold back explaining how scared she is for the future and the fact that she doelost at sea cat.pngsn’t quite know who she is.

The cats also offer an interesting perspective on finding one’s self. Raleigh is a lost teenager trying to find out who she is as a person. Being 18 can be quite nerve wracking and she channels that fear into something less scary; cats. Her claiming a cat stole her soul is her way of making her journey of self discovery less terrifying.

As far as the illustrations go, they are fairly simple but still very appealing. So is the dialogue, it’s simple but witty and gets the point across clearly.

My only complaint is that the ending was abrupt. But other than that this short and sweet graphic novel is the perfect fit for any young adult transitioning into another chapter of their life.

My Rating: 3.8/5


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