What is a Graphic Novel?

A graphic novel is a book that uses a comic strip format to tell a story.

So, you may ask, how is that any different from a comic book? Well, while they both include illustrations and utilize the same strip format their similarities end there for the most part.pow.png

Graphic novels are more lengthy, in depth, and usually tie the story up in, if not one, then two or three novels. Comics on the other hand are shorter and the story progresses over multiple issues.

Now that we’ve distinguished what a graphic novel is, let’s move onto a bit of background.

While it is widely disputed, a majority of comic historians agree that the first graphic novel to be published was Will Eisner’s 1978 novel, “A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories.”

Since then, graphic novels have evolved from short stories to full blown chaptered narratives. Their popularity has also recently been on the rise among young adults with Brian Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim,” series.


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